Overview of the World

The game will take place on the continent of Abrine, on a world known to it’s inhabitants as Terres.

Terres has a slightly higher level of ambient magic then usual, so magic-users tend to be more common on Abrine then in other game worlds. While some very primitive areas may still regard magic and it’s practitioners with suspicion or fear, magic is commonplace enough that even small cities may have weak magical items or yearly access to journeyman enchanters. Large or ancient cities may have several permanent practitioners within their walls, and within Necropolis Sorrow and the Tower of Valda magic is extremely common, performing tasks commonly done by technology on non-magical worlds.

One of the side effects of this high ambient magic level is that the Gods have trouble directly interacting with Terres. Instead, they imbue Avatars, each of whom embody one of the domains that God has influence over. It is somewhat common for Clerics, Paladins and other Divine Casters to worship a God as expressed by a specific Avatar. Avatars are bound tightly to the will of the God they speak for, and often form remote (but usually accessible) temples and priesthoods around themselves to prevent mortal petitioners from troubling them with endless requests.

Most of Terres is broken up in to small human kingdoms, either abutting one another and fighting constantly over their borders or separated by vast wildernesses. The non-human races have their own cities and homelands,usually hidden in those areas not frequented by humans, but many choose to travel and adventure in human lands and even settle there. Racial prejudice is uncommon, but some isolated communities may have micro-cultural prejudices against a race, profession or class.

Overview of the World

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